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  Para Hills High School opened in 1973 and offers a comprehensive curriculum. It is a South Australian Government high school located in the Northern Adelaide Region and situated on the foothills adjacent to the Parafield Airport. Over the years we have played a vital role in the education and social development of tens of thousands of our students, encouraging them to reach their full potential. Many have become leaders in their chosen careers.

  School Values

  We are committed to developing all the dimensions of our learners: social,emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual. We aim to provide students with supportive, caring, safe and respectful school and classroom environments.

  The school values are:



  Rigour-doing your best.

  Our school community is engaged in developing ways in which we keep our values alive.

  The School’s expectations of students

  We work with the school community to ensure that every student is provided with the support and opportunity to successfully participate in learning programs and achieve the best possible educational outcomes.

  We believe that all students enrolled with us:

  > can and want to learn

  > have a right to participate and be successful in their learning

  > have a right to learn in a safe and supportive environment.

  Students are required to:

  > attend school every day (unless unable for medical reasons or for reasons approved by the school)

  > be punctual in attending care group and all timetabled lessons

  > complete all classwork and assignments (including homework) by the negotiated deadlines

  > inform the school when they will be absent from school, or are unable to complete set work

  > accept that other students have the right to enjoy a learning environment which is safe, free from harassment,and where teachers manage inappropriate behaviour

  > be civil, respectful and courteous towards other students and staff

  > follow the school rules and policies

  > comply with the requirements of the Uniform Policy established by the Governing Council.

  School policies and procedures

  Student Behaviour Management

  Our Code of Conduct, developed in consultation with students, parents and staff, outlines the rights and responsibilities of all students and is detailed in the student’s diary. The Behaviour Management Policy is based on a partnership between the school and parents in supporting responsible student behaviour and self-discipline. We are striving for a safe school environment free from all forms of bullying and harassment - sexual, racial, verbal and physical.

  Leaving the School Grounds

  Students are not permitted to leave the school grounds without appropriate authority. Parents are asked to supply a diary note if their children must leave the school, for example a doctor’s appointment.

  Before leaving the school for any reason, students must have obtained written permission and be signed out at the Front Office.

  Student Absences

  Parents/Caregivers are requested to telephone the school on 8258 5466 or send a written explanation in the diary when students are absent.


  Late comers are required to sign in at the Front Office.

  Anti Bullying Policy

  All members of Para Hills High School are committed to a safe and caring environment, which promotes well being and positive outcomes for all.

  Our School is committed to:

  > encouraging respectful relationships

  > reducing the incidents of bullying.

  > countering the view that bullying is an inevitable part of school life.

  > creating a supportive climate and break down the secrecy surrounding bullying.

  > providing staff, students and parents with options to respond to bullying

  > a whole school understanding of the grievance procedures

  > treating all expressions of concerns seriously and confidentially

  > providing support to the complainant and the person about whom the complaint is made

  > resolving issues in a culturally sensitive manner.

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