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  Traffic lights corner statues first roundabout junction memorial signpost cave


  Turn left

  Turn right

  Go straight on

  Turn around

  Go the other way

  Ask for directions

  Ask the way

  Take the first

  On the left/right


  A: excuse me? How can I get to the nearest branch of the national bank?

  B: there’s branch on new street. Walk up this street until you get to the first set of traffic lights. Then turn right at the traffic lights.

  A; how far up the street are the traffic lights?

  B: now far. About 150 meters perhaps.

  A; ok. So I turn right at the traffic lights. Then?

  B: then keep walking until you reach the war memorial. It’s a big statue of a soldier. You can’t miss it.

  A: ok. Where do I go then?

  B; you’ll see the national bank near the war memorial. It’s a big building and you’ll see a big sign on the front of the building.

  A: god it. Thank you very much.


  A: this is the route I thought we could take on our hike on Saturday afternoon.

  B: how long is it altogether?

  A: it’s about six or seven miles. That’s about the kilometers.

  B; that sounds OK. So, we start here at the car park and walk along the path to the waterfall.

  A: right. Then we turn left and walk up this small hill. The view from the top of the hill is worth the climb. We can eat a snack there.

  B: then we will follow this path down the hill to the old church.

  A: we can spend a few minutes looking around the church. Then, we turn right and walk along this path.

  B; this path leads to the cave. Can we look inside the cave?

  A: yes, we can, but it isn’t very interesting.

  B: then we turn south and come back to the car park along this path.

  A: that’s right.

  B: how long do you think it will take us to complete the walk?

  A; I think it will take about four hours, including breaks.

  B; that’s fine. Are there signposts along the way, in case we get lost?

  A; yes, there are. They tell use which way to go and how far we have to walk.

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